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This column is horrendously late. The July sales are already.

The big news in June is, of course, the death of a Spider-Man. Thanks as always to ICV2. This is very good news for the Ultimate imprint, which has been Find women in Chilton Wisconsin to regain momentum for a while.

Basically it had lost its lustre as a line of comics that people were talking. People are talking about. You never know. It could be what the imprint needs.

So to some extent this is a blip. But by current standards, this book has launched quite. Levelling out quite nicely.

The last relaunch in September opened at this level, and dropped to 26K with its second issue. I question the wisdom of this promotional strategy.

This seems to be about the standard level for the books without major characters. I quite liked it, actually.

Have readers finally cottoned on to the fact that nothing important ever happens in the tie-ins?