Compact Winch Saves Space and Weight and Reduces Effort

Bigger sails used to mean you needed bigger winches—not anymore, thanks to the Compact Winch from Pontos. This little winch combines the best of the other Pontos winches—power and speed. First gear on the Compact hauls in line twice as fast as a conventional two-speed winch; simply reverse direction on the winch handle to drop into second gear, where you will feel the hauling power of a 45 winch. The Compact packs a lots of advantages--light weight (just under 8 lbs.), small footprint (just over 5 inches, equal to a 28), a working load of 1,870 lbs. that matches that of the others’ 40 winches, and the hauling power of a 45—increasing your sailing performance and comfort.

Compact Winch—Power and Speed Combined.

Compact Two-Speed Winch Features

  • Weighs just under 8 lbs. and only 5 inches wide.
  • Hauls line faster than a 40 winch, has the same maximum working load as a 40 winch.
  • Hauls as powerfully as a 45 winch.
  • Uses the same line dimensions of 40 winch, so retrofitting is easy.
  • Corrosion-proof components.


Pontos 2 Speed Compact
Pontos 2 Speed Compact